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ezfootballpool.com is a major time saver. It allows the League Administrator to run an Office Football Pool efficiently and accurately. Results are available to players instantaneously.


League Administrator's Tasks

Manual Method Using Web Site
Beginning of new week (Tuesday morning) get the point spreads for the week.

Enter on sheet.

Send grid with the previous week’s results to all players.
(By e-mail, Fax or hand-to-hand).

[1]a)  For Leagues that use the Standard Web Point Spread, there is nothing to do at the beginning of the week.


b)  For Leagues that use their own point spreads, the League Administrator signs on the system, enters the Point Spreads for the week on an easy to use Web Page.

During week the Administrator receives the
picks from the players.

Enters the picks on grid.

[2]Players sign on to system and enter their picks on an easy to use Web Page.

Players can make changes all week long right up to the deadline on Friday afternoon.

Players that do not have access to the web, send their picks in for the League Administrator to enter.

End of week (Friday), make sure all picks are in.

If not contact players whose picks are outstanding.

[3]End of the week (Friday), sign on to system to close out the week and make the grid available to the players.

If not all the players' picks are in, there is an option to send an e-mail message to all those players with one click of the mouse.

After all picks are in and entered on the grid.

Send out copy of completed grid to players.

[4]No need to send out a copy of the grid to all the players.

It is now automatically available to the players on the web site.

Question? What is the first thing a player does when he gets the completed grid?
Answer: He checks his picks against the other players, especially the players close to him in the standings.
With ezfootballpool.com a player can compare his/her picks against any other player's picks. At a glance the player can see how many non-matching picks he/she has compared to the other player and which are the important games that week.

Occasionally player notices an error on the grid.

He contacts the administrator and the grid is corrected.

Update is sent out to the players with an explanation.

[5]No errors possible!

Games are played on weekend including Monday Night and the results are calculated.

Weekly winner is determined based on number of wins and Monday Night Points Tiebreaker (if necessary).

Calculate the season to date points for all players.

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[6]Games are played and as they complete the grid is automatically updated

Players can log on any time during the weekend to see how they are doing.

After the last game on Monday Night, winners are automatically calculated.

The season to date points are also calculated and available for viewing.

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Standard Web Point Spread

The Standard Web Point Spread is taken from Web Site Vegas.com on Wednesday Morning.
If the point spread is an integer (e.g. 7), then a half point is added to become (e.g. 7.5).

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